Let’s all come together and take advantage of the opportunity to showcase Indian traditions and values in the brotherhood.
The Diwali festival spiritually signifies the triumph of good over evil, victory of light over darkness and knowledge over ignorance.

Come celebrate the joyous festival of Diwali this year at the extravagant Knox Diwali festival.
The Knox Diwali festival is a medium for social bonding with cultural roots and familiarises our children with ourselves to the rich Indian culture and heritage.

The Knox Diwali Mela is a family-friendly event, including fun activities for children, cultural activities, fireworks and general market business stalls. The event certainly includes food stalls.
Besides all the fun, the event also provides us with a chance to socialize with community members and other members with wider ethnic and cultural backgrounds and knowledge.

With an approximate 1000-1200 people at the Diwali festival last year. The event will be graced by a greater turnout than last year’s Diwali event and expect to double the outcome this year, as the Diwali Team has geared up with great enthusiasm, passion and variety with this year’s mela. The primary purpose is promoting multiculturalism and Unity in Diversity