1. Authentic Indian food 
Our prominent temple kitchen accompanied with various caterers will excite your taste buds with appetizing delicacies and not forget Indian festivals are incomplete without mouth-watering sweets treats. Shout a bye!! to the cold weather by grabbing a cup of hot tea, rich curries, warm breads accompanied by Indian savoury items.

2. Entertainment
Fascinating stage performances throughout the event. the entertainment includes Indian classical and folk dances and so more. Diwali the festival of lights is incomplete without light so our professionals will brighten fireworks across the dark winter sky to give you a glimpse of how light can conquer the dark.

3. Socializing with friends and family 
Need a break from work? Want to relax and enjoy family time? Be at the Knox Diwali Festival! A large number of visitors are expected to join the fun this year one of the best ways to socialise with friends and family is through events or activities. Not only that, help your children adapt to the tradition of the glorious Indian festival.

4. Safety and security
The safety and security of attendees is our priority. Spectator safety management and overall health and safety are important when we organise such events. Our team has jointly worked with the local and national authorities to identify and assess risks and uncertainties regarding the area and also developed an event security plan. Victoria Police, CFA and ambulance have been notified and will be on standby for the event.

5. Spectacular Fireworks show
Get ready to be mesmerised this year by the brilliant, colourful and awesome fireworks show, sprinkling various sorts of bright coloured lights in the night sky and contributing to the festival of lights

6. Business and General stalls
Want to get advice about your loan queries, taxation or buying a house? Please join us and enjoy the market stalls and business stalls present at the venue to get your questions answered.

7. Smoke and alcohol-free family event
This event is designated smoke and alcohol-FREE event. Smoke and alcohol-Free Policy is to provide all guests with a safe and healthy environment. As a family event, our priority is safeguarding the children and families that attend the event.

8. Kids entertainment
There will be a huge range of Rides and Attractions at the Knox Diwali Mela for kids & adults, including Variety of Bouncy castles, laughing clowns, Mixed Toy Ride, mechanical rides, face painting, carnival rides, etc.. Surely, your children will be well entertained and amused throughout the Mela, when an entertainment on stage will keep you on your feet.

9. Henna tattoo
Want to get temporary, natural henna tattoos to your hands, fingers and fingernails? Experienced henna artists will offer their services in minimal time and effort this Knox Diwali festival.

10. Transport friendly
Don’t wish to drive? That is fine! Avoid the traffic and parking hassles by taking public transport to SSTM.
Train services on the Belgrave line stop at the Boronia Station linking to bus services (737 Monash Uni) then another 10 min walk to the Festival.
Bus stops nearby also include Burwood highway (732, 745 & 755) then 15 min walk to SSTM. Across the lights are (732, 737 & 755) then a 15 min walk to SSTM.
For further details  visit  https://www.ptv.vic.gov.au/